climate solutions and economic opportunities: Technical Information

Technical reference documents associated with the Climate Solutions and Economic Opportunities (CSEO) analysis will be posted here as they become available.

In the first phase of the CSEO process the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board Climate Subcommittee worked with the Center for Climate Strategies (CCS) and experts from across state government to analyze an updated set of Minnesota-specific strategies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These strategies cut across economic sectors, including electric supply; commercial, residential, and industrial demand-side energy management; transportation and land use; agriculture; forestry; and water and waste management. The analysis will look at each strategy’s:

  • Potential to reduce greenhouse gases
  • Projected societal costs and savings
  • Projected indirect effects on the economy

center for Climate Strategies analysis (Methods and Results)

Results of the CCS Analysis by Sector

Business as Usual (BAU) Projections of Greenhouse Gas EMissions

Business as Usual GHG Projections Technical Support Documents: