Past Work

Environmental Initiative manages a wide range of environmental projects. We work with diverse partners to find creative solutions to challenges like meeting the state’s energy efficiency goals, improving our air quality, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and more. Past projects are listed chronologically.

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Regional Business Recycling Outreach

Completed June 2017

Through a contract with the Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board, Environmental Initiative provided assistance to regional and national chains, commercial property management companies, and other multi-site businesses to find the best resources for improved waste and recycling practices. Learn more »

waste reduction collaborative

Completed July 2016

Through the Waste Reduction Collaborative, businesses and organizations worked together to meet new statewide recycling goals and address shared solid waste challenges. 
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Pollinators Summit

Completed March 2016

Environmental Initiative convened the full spectrum of Minnesota's pollinator stakeholders—from beekeepers to policymakers —for a day of collaboration to identify broadly supported strategies to protect and support Minnesota’s insect pollinators. Learn more »


cSEO  stakeholder engagement  process

Completed February 2015

Environmental Initiative worked to engage stakeholders in the Climate Solutions and Economic Opportunities (CSEO) process. The goal was to provide multiple opportunities for stakeholders to share ideas, information, and perspectives to inform decisions about potential actions to grow our economy and reduce greenhouse gases. Learn more »

Clean Water RoadMap

Completed September 2014

Environmental Initiative convened state agency leaders responsible for water management activities through the Clean Water Fund to identify what water resources outcomes we expect to achieve after 25 years of investment. Learn more »

MINNESOTA's clean air dialogue

Completed June 2013

Environmental Initiative facilitated a conversation between leaders from business, government and nonprofits to identify cost-effective strategies to improve air quality and avoid violiation of federal air quality standards for fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) and ground level ozone. Learn more »


Completed June 2013

Leaders in the agricultural and environmental communities met to discuss agricultural land management and water quality practices. The goal of this project was to develop a shared understanding of interests and identify new opportunities to address agricultural land management and water quality activities. Learn more »

PARKS and trails legacy funding project

Completed May 2013

Environmental Initiative facilitated a process on behalf of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to develop consensus recommendations for the allocation of Parks and Trails Legacy Funds for FY 2014 - FY 2015. Learn more »