PROJECT STOVE SWAP:  how it works

Do you use wood as a primary or major heat source in your home or business? Is your wood stove, pellet stove, furnace, or hydronic heater an old, inefficient model? 

If so, participating in Project Stove Swap is a great way to save money on a new, more efficient appliance. Incentive amounts range from $325 to $4,000 discounts depending on the technology selected. Incentive amounts are subtracted from your final invoice following installation of your new stove. Swap out your stove in five easy steps:

1. find a vendor

Select a vendor from our program map. If your preferred vendor isn’t listed, Environmental Initiative can work with them to get registered with Project Stove Swap.

2. fill out an application

Your vendor will verify your existing appliance’s eligibility, incentive amount, and will help you submit an application for your new device. 

Incentive Amounts

Project Stove Swap’s incentive amounts are listed below. Incentive amounts are set based on the new technology installed and are subtracted from the final invoice at the time of payment. 

General Residential & Commercial Incentive  
Type of Appliance Incentive Amount
EPA Certified Wood Stoves/Fireplace Inserts Up to $750
Other (gas stove or EPA Certified wood pellet) Hearth Appliances Up to $1,500
EPA Certified Indoor/Outdoor Forced Air Furnaces & Hydronic Heaters Up to $4,000
Energy Star Natural Gas or Propane Furnace Up to $3,000
Wood Stove Catalyst Replacement Up to $325
EPA Qualified Fireplace Retrofit Devices Up to $400
Vented Gas Stove Insert into Open Fireplace Up to $1,500


Income-Qualified Residential Incentive  
Type of Appliance Incentive
EPA Certified Wood Stoves/Fireplace Inserts* Up to $3,000
Other (gas stove or EPA Certified wood pellet) Hearth Appliances* Up to $3,500
EPA Certified Outdoor Hydronic Heaters* Up to $10,000
EPA Certified Indoor Wood Furnaces & Hydronic Heaters* Up to $6,000
Energy Star Natural Gar or Propane Furnace* Up to $5,000
Wood Stove Catalyst Replacement Up to $325


*Includes all necessary equipment for use of appliance (e.g. chimneys, liners, hearth pads, etc.) 

3. install your new device

Once your application is approved, work with your vendor to schedule and complete installation of your new device. Installation must happen within 60 days of approval.

After your device is installed, you will receive an invoice with the incentive amount discounted from the total. Customers are responsible for all costs above the incentive amount. 

4. complete training

Once your new device is installed, your vendor will train you on its operation and fill out a certification form on your behalf. The vendor will be reimbursed once the certification form is complete.

5. tell your neighbors

Project Stove Swap has financial incentives available through the end of 2017, at least, in all 17 eligible counties, and is seeking additional funding to expand the program. 

Contact Mikey Weitekamp at 612-584-2827 with questions or to learn more.