Project Green Fleet

Environmental Initiative’s Project Green Fleet (PGF) is a voluntary program that provides pollution control equipment for heavy diesel vehicles at low or no cost to participating fleets. We reduce emissions by retrofitting exhaust systems and replacing entire engines with newer, cleaner substitutes. 

Federal, state, and, private funds allow Environmental Initiative to provide pollution control equipment to fleets at lower costs. Replacement or repowering of engines requires some cost sharing from fleets. We recruit fleets to participate, coordinate installation of equipment, quantify diesel emissions reduced, as well as raise and administer large scale grant funding for the project.

Want to get involved? Contact Bjorn Olson at 612-334-3388 ext. 8113 to learn more about upgrading your diesel fleet. 

pilot project to statewide effort

In 2005, Environmental Initiative launched a pilot-scale effort to reduce diesel emissions from school buses. A small number of school buses had pollution control equipment installed during the first year of the project, which was made possible through the financial support of Flint Hills Resources. Since then, Environmental Initiative’s Project Green Fleet has expanded its voluntary efforts to reduce emissions from Rochester to Roseau. Project Green Fleet has also diversified its efforts to include new technologies and other diesel vehicles beyond just school buses.


Environmental Initiative has worked with our fleet partners and vendors to:

  • Install pollution control equipment on 3,200 school buses allowing 300,000 children to breath easier
  • Retrofit, repower, or upgrade more than 1,300 heavy-duty diesel engines including trucks, transit buses, trains, and construction equipment
  • Reduce particulate matter (PM) emissions by the equivalent of removing 750,000 cars from the road annually


Environmental Initiative’s Project Green Fleet is an award-winning effort. To date we’ve received the following awards and recognition:

  • 2015 "Local Public Health Hero," City of Minneapolis Health Department
  • 2011 Finalist, Best Green Campaign, Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce and Minnesota Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council’s  Leadership in Sustainability Award
  • 2009 Midwest Clean Diesel Initiative Leadership Award, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region V for significant, measurable improvements in air quality through the development and implementation of clean diesel actions.
  • 2009 Minnesota Governor’s Award for Pollution Prevention, recognizing superior environmental achievement by Minnesota’s businesses, nonprofits, government and institutions.
  • 2008 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Clean Air Excellence Award, one of only two winners nationally in the community action category.


4,600 Cleaner Engines and Counting!

Project Green Fleet has installed pollution control equipment on thousands of Minnesota school buses, heavy-duty trucks, and other diesel vehicles.

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