Environmental Initiative is partnering with two local nonprofit garages to pilot a project to reduce emissions from older passenger vehicles like cars and light-duty trucks. We’ll reduce emissions by targeting and fixing vehicle exhaust systems for lower-income residents in the Twin Cities. 

Currently, it is estimated that 25% of passenger vehicles cause 90% of air pollution. This is mostly due to older cars having outdated or broken emission controls and exhaust equipment. By partnering with Cars for Neighbors and The Lift Garage, Environmental Initiative is offering repairs to broken emission systems, cleaning up some of the most polluting cars on the road while reducing barriers to transportation for those most impacted by them.

How it works

While funding lasts, partner garages will offer low-cost or no-cost repairs to three priority emission control systems: catalytic converters, Evaporative Emission Control (EVAP) systems, and oxygen sensors. During the initial pilot, Environmental Initiative plans to repair roughly 40 vehicles. 

Ultimately, Environmental Initiative's goal is to secure additional funding to significantly increase and broaden the reach and impact of the project.

air quality &  equity

Poor air quality isn’t evenly dispersed across the landscape – meaning that depending on where you live and work, you might be exposed to more or less pollution than other people. The Minnesota Department of Health and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency recently published a report on these air quality disparities. According to the report, negative health impacts fall disproportionately on the sick, the elderly, children with asthma, and disadvantaged communities that tend to be predisposed to respiratory and cardiac illness. 

Cars for Neighbors and The Lift Garage are helping Environmental Initiative repair vehicles in neighborhoods most affected by poor air quality. The high-emitting vehicles project is a big opportunity to reduce pollution where it is most felt.

for more information

Contact Mikey Weitekamp at 612-334-3388 ext. 8104 to learn more about the pilot project or with questions. 

The high-emitting vehicles pilot project is one of several efforts underway to help achieve Clean Air Minnesota’s goal of reducing man-made sources of fine particulate matter (soot) and ground level ozone precursor emissions (smog) by 10%.

Clean Air Minnesota is a diverse coalition of air quality leaders convened by Environmental Initiative who are working voluntarily and proactively to reduce air pollution.