Our Work

Building the partnerships needed to address complex environmental problems is our priority and our mission. Environmental Initiative has a range of capabilities to address environmental issues - meeting our partners where we are needed most. Learn more about the issues we're working on below.

Agriculture and Environment

We partner with farmers, businesses, environmental advocates, policy makers, and other key stakeholders to limit environmental impacts of production agriculture. Learn more

Clean Air

Environmental Initiative collaborates with leaders from business, government, and nonprofits to voluntarily reduce emissions from Minnesota’s smaller, dispersed, and less regulated sources of air pollution. Learn more

Environmental Initiative Awards

Each year Environmental Initiative honors innovative people and projects from across Minnesota who have achieved extraordinary environmental results by harnessing the power of partnership. Learn more

Environmental Policy

We engage stakeholders to collaboratively develop, advance, or implement environmental policy. Learn more


We connect businesses to resources, best practices, and one another to tackle complex environmental and sustainability challenges collectively. Learn more