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Hooray for Hutchinson! Meet the Energy & Climate Winners

April 18th, 2017

The Energy and Climate category award is given to a partnership that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, cuts energy consumption, advances energy efficiency, or improves air quality. It’s projects like these that prepare our state to adapt to a changing global climate.

The City of Hutchinson, Ameresco, Xcel Energy and many more partners came together in a cross-sector partnership to do just that. Through this solar project, the City reduced emissions in their community, making a better quality of life for residents and our planet. Not only is this project innovative and groundbreaking, it transformed one of Minnesota’s brown areas blue. Join us in congratulating these project partners!



Made possible by a generous Renewable Development Fund grant from Xcel Energy, The City of Hutchinson Landfill Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System is a 400-kilowatt system supplying 15% of the power needs of the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. This project is the largest solar PV installation on a landfill in Minnesota, and the first ballast-mounted on a brownfield.

In layman’s terms, not only was this mounted and installed in an innovative way, it also transformed a landfill into something restorative that gives back to the community in cost savings, and to the state in environmental benefit. As a result of repurposing a 1970s-era municipal landfill, the City reduced CO2 emissions by 1.4 million pounds per year, roughly the equivalent of taking 133 vehicles off the road each year.


“The City of Hutchinson was able to make Minnesota’s first landfill mounted Solar PV project possible through strong partnerships with Xcel Energy, AMERESCO, Hutchinson Utilities, tenKsolar, Hunt Electric, and many more,” said Hutchinson Mayor Gary Forcier. “Being recognized by Environmental Initiative for this project affirms the importance of this unique collaboration and that our City’s commitment to innovation can foster resounding benefits to our residents as well as others across the state and region.”

“The electrical energy produced by the solar panels provides enough dollar savings such that the project is guaranteed to pay for itself in less than 18 years, and with an estimated life of over 30 years; the City and residents will receive all the financial benefits in future years.” —John Neville, AMERESCO


Join us on Thursday, May 25 to congratulate and celebrate these project partners, their positive environmental outcomes, and the lasting benefit of collaboration. To shake things up, we’re also honoring three individuals in honor of our 25th anniversary, so it’s sure to be a night of reflection and festivities for Minnesota’s environmental community. Purchase your tickets or tables here »




A note from Environmental Initiative:
In honor of Environmental Initiative’s 25th Anniversary, four organizational and two individual awards will be presented on May 25, 2017 at the Nicollet Island Pavilion. Get your tickets before they’re gone »

Damian Goebel


Communications Director

Matching Gift Programs

December 11th, 2013

Did you know you can double – or even triple – the impact of your donation with a matching gift from your employer? Many employers offer a matching gift program as a benefit to their employees.

Employer matching gifts are a simple way to maximize your contribution to Environmental Initiative — providing more resources to build partnerships to Two deer in winterimprove Minnesota’s environment.

It’s easy to have your donation matched. Talk to your personnel or business office to see if your employer matches gifts to the environment.  Xcel Energy and Amerprise are just a few companies that we know match employee’s gifts to Environmental Initiative.

So, how does it work? Most companies ask you to complete and return a short form and may require Environmental Initiative’s tax identification number: 41-1718834.

If your employer does offer a matching gift, please send your completed form to:

Environmental Initiative
Attn:  Sacha Casillas
211 North First Street, Suite 250
Minneapolis, MN 55401

If you have any questions, please contact Sacha Casillas, Director of Membership and Development at 612-334-3388 ext. 101.

Happy Giving!

Sacha Seymour-Anderson


Development Director

The Future of Minnesota’s Electric Utilities: The Sequel

November 13th, 2013

Environmental Initiative’s recent policy forum on “The Future of Minnesota’s Electric Utilities” drew a block-buster crowd—you would have thought they were giving away free beer. Especially for a topic as potentially dry and esoteric as the future of electric utilities, one would have expected a much smaller crowd and the deafening sound of crickets. But the meeting room overlooking the iconic Como Zoo was packed and humming with conversation.

Timing is everything, and the electricity industry in this country (and elsewhere in the world) is undergoing seismic changes that deserve the kind of attention they got at Environmental Initiative’s recent forum. Indeed, for anyone working in (or just interested in) the energy sector, it’s impossible to escape talking about what the utility of the future might look like and how it might evolve. It is the right conversation to be having. (more…)

3,500 Retrofits and Counting!

June 15th, 2012

With all the news these days about the possibility of tightening federal air quality standards, I am proud to be part of a team that helps bring voluntary, quantifiable and proactive emissions reductions to our great state of Minnesota. It is refreshing to see a viable and successful program working with private businesses, local municipalities, fellow nonprofit organizations as well as state, federal, local and tribal units of government to bring good things to the state. (more…)

Eric David


Program Manager, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
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