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Member of the Month: Wenck

June 5th, 2017

Wenck is excited and honored to be featured as Environmental Initiative’s member of the month for June, and it is our pleasure to congratulate Environmental Initiative on its 25th Anniversary. Having just celebrated 30 years in the business ourselves, we understand how meaningful a milestone like 25 years is.

Throughout the years, Wenck has and continues to make a significant investment sponsoring Environmental Initiative. Why? Because Environmental Initiative is about delivering positive outcomes through collaboration and partnership which directly resonates with our core values. Both Wenck and Environmental Initiative are outcome-oriented organizations which focus on providing solutions that benefit the environment, the organizations we serve, as well as the communities we serve in. This alignment of values and outcomes is significantly enhanced through the connectedness that Environmental Initiative fosters like no other.

Wenck is proud to be a sponsor of Environmental Initiative’s Policy Forum Series, the Business and Environment Series, as well as a founding member of the Minnesota Sustainable Growth Coalition.  All three platforms are rooted within Environmental Initiative, and together, and separately, help to educate, ideate, connect, and deliver positive and sustaining benefits to the region.

Congratulations again on 25 amazing years. On behalf of all of us at Wenck, we look forward to another 25 years of partnership, collaboration, and delivery of exceptional outcomes.

Each month, we feature information about one of our members on the Initiative blog and on our website. Contact Sacha Seymour-Anderson anytime at 612-334-3388 ext. 8108 to learn more about this membership benefit.

Bill Brown


Vice President, Wenck

Rice Creek Commons is Common Sense— Meet the Natural Resource Winners

April 25th, 2017

The Natural Resources category award is given to collaborative efforts that implement sustainable solutions to preserve, protect, or restore Minnesota’s land, water, biological diversity, and other natural resources.

In the land of 10,000 lakes, you can see why recognizing efforts to restore waterways and landscapes is so important.

Ramsey County, the City of Arden Hills, Wenck Associates, Inc. and many other partners are currently working to restore a piece of polluted land that has been around since World War II: The Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant.




Four years ago, Ramsey County purchased a contaminated parcel of land in Arden Hills with the goal of making it a community asset. The land once held the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant, built to manufacture small arms ammunition during World War II, and had sat dormant for nearly four decades. Partnering with the City of Arden Hills, the county began redeveloping the brownfield into a livable space for homes and businesses.

Over a 32-month period, existing buildings were demolished, and the soil was remediated to residential standards. We removed hazardous waste and recycled or reused materials like concrete and asphalt. This past summer, the county collaborated with the Rice Creek Watershed District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to transform Rice Creek, which runs through the site, back to its original, meandering path and stabilize it with surrounding trees and plants.

With the site demolished and soil restored to residential standards, infrastructure construction is set to begin this year. Soon Rice Creek Commons (named after the site’s stream) will be a walkable, vibrant commercial and residential development, creating economic and social opportunity for Arden Hills and the region.


“When the county purchased the land, it was the largest superfund site in Minnesota. The large cost and difficulty associated with cleaning up the site had discouraged previous developers for many years. Because the property presented unique challenges, the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners recognized the land would probably stay polluted and empty for many more years unless they took action.

The project is also unique in that Ramsey County is a fully developed county. With few opportunities to grow and increase the area’s tax base, developments like Rice Creek Commons present an important opportunity for economic development.” – Heather Worthington, Deputy County Manager

“I’m proud that this project respects the history of the site and what was there before. Redeveloping the area is about honoring its past and making it a safe, economic engine once again.” – Heather Worthington, Deputy County Manager

Read the Pioneer Press piece: A cheer for Rice Creek Commons »


Join us on Thursday, May 25 to congratulate and celebrate these project partners, their positive environmental outcomes, and the lasting benefit of collaboration. To shake things up, we’re also honoring three individuals in honor of our 25th anniversary, so it’s sure to be a night of reflection and festivities for Minnesota’s environmental community. Purchase your tickets or tables here »


A note from Environmental Initiative:
In honor of Environmental Initiative’s 25th Anniversary, four organizational and two individual awards will be presented on May 25, 2017 at the Nicollet Island Pavilion. Get your tickets before they’re gone »

Damian Goebel


Communications Director

Member of the Month: Wenck Associates, Inc.

January 2nd, 2015

At Wenck Associates, Inc., we are honored to be the Environmental Initiative’s featured member this month — in fact, the timing could not be better. As of January 1st, we entered our company’s 30th year, and today we can announce some exciting news related to the celebration of that anniversary.

First, let me share a bit of our history. Wenck Associates was founded by Norm Wenck in May of 1985. From the beginning, the company’s philosophy was in line with the Environmental Initiative’s mission of developing “collaborative solutions to Minnesota’s environmental problems.” At that time, the firm was engaged in two main activities: water services, including watershed district clean water projects, and hazardous waste.

Today, Wenck has diversified into dozens of core services, many of which have branched like a tree off those two initial areas. Our growth happened organically: As customers came to us with additional needs, we expanded our offerings to meet them. Over the years this has meant adding additional services including engineering design, environmental permitting and compliance, real estate and development, waste management, and emergency response. All our growth has led us to expand to over 250 employees in four operating companies located in six different states.

To celebrate our 30 years in business, we spent the better part of the past year looking at exactly what got us here. We Wenck Associates Logorewrote our business philosophy, not because it had changed, but because three decades of perspective helped us pinpoint exactly what made us different. We then used that greater understanding to completely redesign our brand image.

You can see the result of that effort alongside this article — our new logo. The two blue triangles of the logo represent two separate parties; the chevron in the center represents the process of coming together; and the upward-facing green triangle signifies the product of that collaboration — an outstanding final outcome. Together, they embody the way Wenck conducts business, which is best summed up by our new tagline: “Responsive partner. Exceptional outcomes.”

After examining what has made this company successful over the years, it really came down to those four words. At Wenck, we partner with our clients because your success is our success. We understand that to build our business, we must first help you build yours. And as an employee-owned company, each member of our team has a stake in every project we take on.

To better communicate all the services we provide, we have also re-branded our four operating companies as Wenck Associates, Wenck Construction, Wenck Real Estate, and Wenck Response. If you aren’t familiar with any of these members of the Wenck family, I’d love to share more about the ways we are serving our customers.

As we say in our new business philosophy: If you think this is a typical engineering consulting firm, you’ll quickly find we are different. Contact us today to find out how partnering with Wenck can benefit your organization.


A note from Environmental Initiative:
Each month, we feature information about one of our members on the Initiative blog and on our website. Contact Sacha Seymour-Anderson anytime at 612-334-3388 ext. 101 to learn more about this membership benefit.

Bill Brown


Vice President, Wenck
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