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The Secret Life of Used Electronics: Facts You Should Know

April 2nd, 2014

I recently wrote an article for Greenbiz.com titled The 3 rules of recycling electronics waste. The level of response I received and the questions it generated reinforced the notion that there’s a hunger for information on this issue. That’s the good news. The bad news is there continues to be considerable confusion on what to do and why things need to change.

If I were to write a FAQ for the article, the first, middle, and last question would be something along the lines of: “I’ve used company X for years to handle my e-waste. They pay me to take this stuff off of my hands. They’re obviously making money, so things must be ok, right?”

Well, no, not necessarily. The unfortunate reality is there are many perfectly legal and profitable ways to dispose of your IT assets and electronics, in ways that would turn your stomach. And, unless you ask the right questions, you’ll never know, and you could be incurring risks that you’re not even aware of.

Unless you’re working with recyclers that, at minimum, have either R2 or e-Stewards certifications, here’s what happens all too often: (more…)

Leo Raudys


Founder and CEO, Riduvit.com

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