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Minnesota Environmental Fund: More than Workplace Giving

Cordelia Pierson


Executive Director, Minnesota Environmental Fund

As we get into the holiday season, there’s a lot of talk about giving back. While Minnesota Environmental Fund (MEF) is a workplace giving organization that benefits 19 member organizations across Minnesota, it’s also a way for people to volunteer and get involved directly with conserving our environment. It’s more than workplace giving— it’s a way to give back.

What does volunteering with MEF look like?

1. This September, MEF coordinated a volunteer event for Carlson employees. They went to Burwell Park in Minnetonka for an afternoon of pulling invasive species around the Park.

2. MEF also offers opportunities for in-office volunteering or “speed volunteering.” We recently hosted a speed volunteering event at the HGA office in Minneapolis. Over the course of an hour, employees were able to join us in their break room to help assemble native seed packets and MEF note cards, both items that MEF uses as thank yous.

3. I recently led a volunteer event for alumni of the University of Minnesota. During the event, volunteers pulled invasive species along the Mississippi riverfront in Minneapolis.

4. Over the summer, MEF hosted a volunteer event with Mississippi Park Connection and Mississippi National River and Recreation Area. Volunteers spent the afternoon on the Mississippi riverfront at Mill Ruins Park pulling invasive species and planting native species. Volunteers joined a Park Ranger in the Amber Box at the Guthrie Theater to hear about the history of that industrial part of Minneapolis. MEF offered this event for those who live in and work in downtown Minneapolis, so that they could come together as a community to improve the environment. Some of the workplaces represented included: Wells Fargo, Jamf Software and the University of Minnesota.

5. Washington County hosted MEF at their Health, Safety and Wellness Fair. Washington County employees stopped by the MEF booth to participate in speed racing and help assemble native seed packets.

Bring Volunteering to Your Workplace

Does your employer offer giving and volunteering at work? MEF is currently offered to employees in over 100 Minnesota workplaces– including Environmental Initiative! MEF connects more than 200,000 employees with their communities. Employees love to help out, and MEF makes that possible– supporting so many great stories of caring for our environment! To learn more about volunteering or to sign up for a workplace learning activity, sign up here.

Find out about how you can contribute through workplace giving today by contacting Cordelia Pierson or by visiting www.mnenvirofund.org. Choose to help the environment. It adds up!

A note from Environmental Initiative:
We’re one of nineteen member organizations receiving support from Minnesota Environmental Fund’s workplace giving program. Interested in adding Minnesota Environmental Fund to your workplace giving campaign? Learn more »

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