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Policy Forum Recap: Natural Gas and Minnesota’s Energy Future

September 27th, 2012

There is no doubt that the energy industry, and those interested in energy policy, in Minnesota and elsewhere, are abuzz with both hopes and fears when it comes to the sudden and rapidly changing role of domestic natural gas in our energy resource mix. This interest was on full display at the policy forum on September 21, 2012, Natural Gas and Minnesota’s Energy Future. There were over 130 attendees, many with challenging and thoughtful questions. Where (and whether) prices will stabilize in the coming years is still up for debate, and along with price uncertainties come many unknowns related to distribution and how we best capitalize on this resource to support our goals of a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system in Minnesota. Although the forum did not provide all of the answers, it did point out several key themes related to how we might best focus on the opportunities and risks posed by low cost natural gas: (more…)

Kevin Johnson


Attorney and Partner, Stoel Rives LLP

Exploring Minnesota Parks

September 14th, 2012

One of the great things about working with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the nine Parks and Trails Legacy Funding Work Group members, has been the chance to explore some of Minnesota’s state and regional parks. Each month, the group met at a different park to develop recommendations for parks and trails legacy funding allocations for the FY 2014 – FY2015 biennium and beyond.

Here’s a roundup of the parks I’ve had a chance to visit as a part of the project. The weather this weekend is supposed to be perfect. I hope this motivates you to get outside and explore Minnesota’s amazing parks! (more…)

Emily Franklin


Director of Communications
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